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Mar 2, 2014 4:45am EST
the first line of defense. but i don't rule out monetary policy. >> just if i could -- thank you very much for that detailed response. we were just in listondon meeti with regulators there. i know there's a concern about balkization in our markets, i know there was some discussion of trying to address that with the trade agreement but i think it's an issue that does need to be addressed, and i realize the fed will take in majorly with that. and the final point, the orderly liquidation entitle was put together and a lot of us worked on together and i'm proud of that title too. and it's not exactly the way any of us would like for us to be. even though it was orderly liquidation, i think the federal -- fdic realized when they went through the process the entities are so intertwined there's really not a way to totally liquidate. instead coming in single entry to the holding company. one of the things we all have concern about is making sure if we're going to use the process, and i think it's sound personally, that we ensure there's enough debt at the holding company level. otherwise ther
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1